12 Sailing Truths for cruisers

Sailing on a small yacht was a dream come true, except nobody told me the sailing truths. After fifteen months living aboard a small yacht, this is what I discovered.

So you think that cruising on a small yacht is glamorous.  Do you think it’s all Gin and Tonic? Think again.

Dolphins with She of Feock

Dolphins with She of Feock

Sometimes it’s not all plain sailing…

Here are 12 sailing truths. 

  1. We get hungry wet and cold – frequently.  It’s not all sunshine and bikinis.

  2. We eat food that is long past its sell-by / Use by date. Many of of have no fridge. I’ve eaten eggs more than 3 months old, UHT milk a year out of date and beef that has gone green!
    When food falls on the floor, we pick it up and eat it and it falls often. Food is very important.  We talk about it and enjoy it.
    When we are ashore we have to plan the shopping very carefully.  Sometimes we have too carry the shopping a long distance and we buy a lot.

  3. We sleep in shifts when we’re on a passage. Sometimes we share the same bed (though not together) it’s called hot bedding.

  4. We wear our clothes for days on end.
    Fashion is not an issue.  We hand wash our clothes if we cannot find a laundry or laundry services are expensive. We are creative.

    She of Feock mural in Horta

    She of Feock mural in Horta

  5. Fresh water is extremely precious.
    We collect rain water.  Sometimes we have to pay for fresh water. We shower wherever and whenever we can.

  6. We generate our power from the sun, the wind and the water.  Checking the battery voltage is a ritual.

  7. Privacy – There is no such thing!

  8. Weather Forecasts are important – The wind is our friend and our enemy.

  9. Svartisen Glacier

    Svartisen Glacier

    We know very little of what’s happening in the world apart from the beauty that lies in front of us. We know nothing of celebrity gossip, who won X Factor, the latest music trends.

  10. Trust!  You must trust yourself and each other.

  11. Sometimes we sail naked.

    Kjeungskjaer Lighthouse

  12. Lighthouses are life savers.

 Sometimes the sunsets are magical.

Sunset on the North Sea

Sunset on the North Sea

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  1. This sounds like my sort of adventure. I would love to give sailing a go some day.

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