Day 319 – Think we need some patches?

Day 319 – 1st June 2011

Jacaré, Paraiba, Brazil –


“Shore boat leaving.  You wanna come?”  It was 7.30 in the morning.  Why on earth would I want to go ashore at such an ungodly hour?

“Come back for me at about 10.30am please.”

Alone on the boat I stripped to my knickers and opened the butterfly hatch as wide as it would go.  The breeze cooled me however I was unbelievably sticky.  I sat on the settee and began to write.  I got up to put the kettle on for a cup of tea (even though I should be rationing the teabags) and my bum and thighs were covered in grit.  I have to step on the settee to get to my cabin, so it’s always a bit gritty.  I tried brushing it off my skin, but it was glued on with sweat. Shorts went back on, and I drank my tea and wrote while sitting topless.  Ah, the joy of being alone.

Ashore, John asked me to cut up the old genoa, the one I call the patchwork quilt as he said it would be useful for patches.

“Do we need more patches?”

“Well just cut off the whiter pieces and you can toss the rest.”

I did the job and folded the pieces neatly, then gathered the old sail ready to put it in the bin.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Did you save the stainless wire?”

I hadn’t, and left John to cut it off as he raced to save the precious wire. I went for some lunch at the local ‘in place’, when I returned  I dumped the remainder but have a sneaky suspicion John may have retrieved it and sneaked it back onboard.

Later, as darkness fell we went to the supermarket to get some provisions for the next leg of the trip.

Back at the marina, Herbert was recounting the tale of when he was shot in the ear in Salvador.  He tells a great story and is full of expressions and actions for emphasis.  I was doubled over when he said that he fell backwards in the dinghy when he was shot, but as soon as he realised he was alive, he bounced straight up and had his machete ready for the next attack. I’m sure it was a terrifying time, but he told the story so well it was almost like a comedy.

I went to bed early and read a book.

Menu today

Breakfast – Tea and granola, fried egg and potatoes

Lunch – Lunch from the street café, beef, rice, couscous and salad with a sprite

Dinner – Not hungry for dinner

Snacks – A Caipirinha (the correct spelling at last) and a donut

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