47 Thoughts on Turning 47


  1. Advice from my mum, “If you’ve nothing good to say, keep your mouth shut.”
  2. Do some of what you love everyday.
  3. Be brave enough to walk away from things that annoy you.
  4. Laugh and Play everyday.
  5. Enjoy food. Try growing, picking and cooking it.
  6. Smile at strangers, talk to strangers, they could become your friend.
  7. Learn new things.
  8. Walk out of a restaurant if you think it’s too pricey or boring, or ask for a sample to try before you buy.  It’s a lot of fun watching the reactions of the staff.
  9. If you try a sample of ale in the pub and it’s not exactly your thing, then feel free to ask for a ‘Guinness’ or a gin and tonic.
  10. I’m a grandma. I have one grandson.  He is cute.
  11. I have lots of scars and I still look and feel fabulous.  Be grateful for the body you have now, because in 20 years time you‘ll pine for it. I have nice legs and feet.
  12. Ditch high heels.  You might think I say that because I’m a granny, but really, it’s because they don’t work with the yacht.
  13. Yachts use up a lot of money, so I can’t have Christian Louboutins as often as I’d like.  I will wear a pair when I next walk the red carpet.
  14. Not everyone enjoys sailing.  My friend thinks I tried to kill her when I took her sailing.  This year I’m taking her cycling.  I hope she will be my friend when we finish.
  15. When your hairdresser asks “How’s the water?”  Tell them that it’s bloody freezing or feckin scalding!
  16. Let your hair go wild for the day, you’ll have time to do something else.
  17. Sing out loud wearing headphones – you sound really good to yourself and who cares what anyone else thinks.  Just a word of warning, don’t do it in the ‘Quiet Zone’ on the train.
  18. I like to carry tea bags on my travels – handy when there’s no loo roll or you simply fancy a change from Liptons.
  19. I like Jose Mourinho, not because he’s rich or handsome, but because he believes he is ‘The Special One’.  I too am the special one.
  20. Sometimes I’m a ditherer and a procrastinator.
  21. I love my children the best way I can.
  22. I hope they realise it.
  23. I have fabulous friends and I’m a fabulous friend to have.
  24. Writing makes my memories real.
  25. Travel makes me feel alive.
  26. Love a lot or love lots.
  27. I’ve been described as being both wise and otherwise.
  28. I saved a man’s life.  I was scared.
  29. The smoothing iron is the world’s worst invention.
  30. Walk away from misery. You are in control of your life.
  31. A tidy house is a waste of life.  I tend to waste my life when I’m expecting visitors.
  32. I made my first ever chutney when I was 46.  It’s gooseberry and elderflower and it’s yummy.
  33. Money is good.
  34. I’ve read a lot of books.  Some wonderful, some not so great, some trash and a few so good, I’ve kept them in case I want to read them again, but I never do.
  35. I got a bottle of ‘Charlie’ perfume and a furry Charlie dog from my first boyfriend for my birthday. Last year my boyfriend gave me a blue hydrangea, and it’s in full bloom right now.  I think of him and the Azores every time I look at it.
  36. 47 Thoughts on Turning 47 is an awful lot of thoughts.  I wonder if I should add one more to this list next year or will I have new thoughts.  Time to focus on the present.
  37. There are 375 species of blackberries. I can’t tell the difference between them, only what tastes good.
  38. I love to smile and I smile a lot.  I also talk a lot, and that’s two thoughts.
  39. Worrying is a useless thing because there are only two possible outcomes with anything.  It’ll happen or it won’t.  You’ll get there or you won’t, it’ll work or it won’t, you’ll like it or you won’t.
  40. In 1983, I bought the album ‘Now that’s What I Call Music’ on vinyl.  Duran Duran’s ‘Is there something I should know’ was on that record.  I fancied Simon Le Bon.
  41. Last year I sailed with Simon Le Bon on the classic yacht Eilean.  It was the yacht which featured in the ‘Rio’ video.
  42. My boyfriend looks like Simon Le Bon.  I love him a lot (not Simon, my boyfriend).  This proves that the subconscious mind is very strong.
  43. Nearly there now, only 4 more thoughts to go.  Did I mention that I met Simon Le Bon?
  44. I like to chat.  I chat a lot and I say what I think.  Sometimes it gets me into trouble, but usually I get lots of unexpected lovely surprises and my life is all the richer for it.
  45. I was born the year England won the World Cup.  They say that this is mentioned somewhere every single day, so I’m saying it too, just to be sure.  To be sure to be sure.
  46. I share my birthday with Nelson Mandela, and he is 95 today.  I hope that I make a difference in the world.
  47. And the last thought, well, should it be clever, punchy, or deep and meaningful?  My decision is simple.  I say thank you, thank you, thank you for everything wonderful in my life.

Meraid Griffin

Freelance writer, adventurer and public speaker. Descibed in the Sunday Times as a 'modest explorer'. Nothing modest about me.


  1. Paula Chantler

    Fabulous Meraid,
    A great idea, and you overcame the ‘Why did I start this…?’ phase in the middle, really well…! lol
    Happy Birthday Darlin…! xx

  2. Number 11 strikes a chord and numbers 19 and 47 are you entirely!!!! Happy birthday Meraid!

  3. Loved the list, Meraid! The two that spoke loudest to me were 24 – ‘Writing makes memories real’ – and 39 – the uselessness of worrying. I endorse 11 – celebrate how you are NOW – and 18 made me laugh out loud!

  4. Meraid Griffin

    Thanks Ann, glad you enjoyed and that a few thought resonate with you. x

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