5 Favourite Foods From France (Cannes actually)

SY Eilean

SY Eilean

I went to Cannes to race in the Panerai Classic Yacht Regatta. I ate a lot of food. My 5 favourite foods from France are listed below.  French food is fabulous and as for the racing… well, there’s always next year.

Panerai Hospitality

Panerai Hospitality


The French make the best buttery croissants.  I love them, just not everyday.  So for my second breakfast I asked the waiter for a pain au chocolat, to which he replied “Non.  Voulez vous un croissant?”

So I had only a coffee.

Tartes aux Pommes with a Café au Lait

Not exactly how the French do it, but it’s my little afternoon pleasure.  The tarts are pretty with their neatly placed apple slices and the apricot glaze dazzles in the afternoon sunshine.

A Glass or Two of Rosé

Join the ranks of the Cote d’azur set and drink Rosé with every meal.  So chic, so French and so very delicious.

Cannes Fruit, Vegetable and Fish Market

Cannes Fruit, Vegetable and Fish Market

Moules et Frites

So good I had them twice.  I eat mussels with my fingers though here they hold an empty shell which they use as a pincer to pick the flesh from the shells.  Check the other tables and make sure they are served in a pot otherwise they will cool very quickly.  Fish and chips at their best.

Jean Luc Pele Macarons

Jean Luc Pele Macarons

Jean Luc Pelé Macarons

If the window display doesn’t stop you in your tracks, what can I say?  The chocolate cakes and macarons are almost too beautiful to eat.  They’re even autographed.  A creamy and crumbly salted butter caramel macaron was offered to sample.  I took one bite, closed my eyes and saw Peter at the Pearly Gates.  I felt like I’d fallen in love.  But the price had me crashing back to earth, and I knew they’d never make it home or probably even last the night.

Spot of lunch while 'Racing' in Cannes

Spot of lunch while ‘Racing’ in Cannes

Are these included in your 5 favourite foods from France? Pop your answer in the comments below.

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