Alpkit Stem Cell Review

Mounted between the stem and the handlebar with velcro, I use my Alpkit Stem Cell to carry water. I get a 750 1182 ml container in easily (new model) and a 1.5l bottle of water fits easily in both the old and new models. Mounted here, I can actually drink water and as I can see it, I remember to drink. Carrying a bladder on my back is no longer necessary as I can carry two stem cells.

My bike, like me has a small frame and there is only one bottle mount. The stem cell is sturdy with a small exterior mesh pocket where I stuff sweet papers. I also keep my buff there. This could be made from a more flexible net style fabric as it’s more decorative than useful at the moment. Alpkit advertise the improvement as follows:

versatile webbing ladder is bar tacked around the Stem Cell to provide multiple attachment points.’

20140426_134706Mine were made before webbing was added and I really wish they were chilli coloured to match the dry bag mounted on the bar. I suppose that’s a girl thing!

Cycling in Cuba- Alpkit Stem cell with large water bottle

Where to get Alpkit Stem Cells

Buy directly from Alpkit online. You can read the technical data there too. They cost £18 each and are as useful on a day ride as they are on a multi day bikepacking adventure.

Update: February 2015

The newer models are a little bit wider and have a band of webbing that allows for the adjustable positioning of the velcro. (velcro is pre attached on the older model). This makes for a better fit around the handlebar and stem. They also have super duper double sided velcro which is much neater and less bulky than the original model’s. That additional gain on the diameter means that a stainless steel Klean Kanteen with a capacity of 1.2 litres fits snugly. Kind of like a marriage made in heaven.

Not so clean Klean Kanteen (40 oz/ 1182 ml)

Klean Kanteen 1.2l

New model Alpkit Stem Cell with Klean Kanteen.

alpkit stem cell with klean kanteen



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  1. Thanks alot – your answer solved all my problems after several days struggling

  2. Is this worth the extra money over a MOLLE insulated kettle bag and some Velcro?

    • Meraid Griffin

      I’ve not used the MOLLE, so I can’t make a comparison. I would say that if you can find a product that does the job for you – go for it. The Stem cells were only £15 when I bought them and I love them. They’re stiff, so I can use them in my everyday life for carrying my phone and a wallet and I can bring home a bottle of wine from the shop too.
      I give my opinion of the products I use so that anyone thinking of getting the same item can make an informed choice based on my experience.
      A carrier bag from a grocery store would do as good a job as a lady’s handbag/purse for lugging stuff around, but I’d rather have a handbag. 🙂

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