Amble in Hamble

Village Life in Hamble

Hamble Hard at High Tide

“Hamble Hard at High Tide”.  That’s the title of this painting by Noël Barker.

I met Noel on Saturday afternoon. She pronounced, “I like to show people having fun in my paintings”.  As you can see, she speaks the truth.

The painting, for me, summed Hamble up in a nutshell. Sailing, motor-boating, racing, rowing, scolding, smooching, canoodling, jogging, crabbing, reading, skinny dipping, skateboarding or simply ambling.  If it’s happening, it’s happening in Hamble.

Now, I have to tell you (and I hope she doesn’t mind) Noël is no Spring Chicken, but she has the devilment of a teenager!

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Thank you Noël for bringing such joy into our home.


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