Bikepacker’s First Breakfast

How to make a Bikepacker’s First Breakfast

Breakfast like a King, goes the old saying and there’s nothing like a night under the stars to give you a more than healthy appetite. To get the wheels rolling, I like porridge, but it takes at least ten minutes to cook, uses a lot of fuel and leaves the pot in an awful mess. Here’s how to make a bikepacker’s first breakfast hat’ll keep the pot washer and the hungry biker happy.

Second breakfast comes later.

Prepare at home and store dry ingredients in ziplock bags before packing on your bike. This is an ideal food to keep for an emergency hot meal.

Quick Porridge (Amounts are per person)

10 Tablespoons Readybrek
30g dried milk powder
250ml boiling water
A little sugar if you must

20140524_205530Boil water.
Put the dried mix into a bowl.
Pour on water and stir.
Stand for a minute.

Add sliced banana or trail mix for added energy boost.

This should keep you going until second breakfast.

Bikepacker's First BreakfastI’d love to read your quick breakfast recipes. Feel free to add yours.

Meraid Griffin

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  1. 50g oat bran, add 200ml boiling water, stir and leave until it seems right. Top with fruit and maybe linseed mix and eat.

  2. Meraid Griffin

    That’s super MJ. Healthy and fast.
    Remember to bring a trowel and plenty of toilet paper.

  3. I use 1/3 cup of porridge oats with a tbs of milk powder and a tbs of protein powder and a tsp of sugar. Just add a cup of boiling water to it all and leave to stand and cool for a few minutes. I use pea soya protein from My Protein for good results. Seems to cause less stomach upset than whey protein.

  4. I make my porridge ‘out there’ like I do at home each day….Cup of Morrisons ‘Savers’ porridge oats, two cups of water and Sultanas…also ‘Savers’ cheap stuff! Simple and very cheap…What more can I say?

    • Meraid Griffin

      Hi Bill,
      Simple and cheap is great.
      The advantages of my recipe over the standard process for making porridge is that the pot stays clean and only enough fuel to bring the water to boiling is required.

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