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A round up of posts to help your bikepacking trips go better. Lists, tips and bikes.

Tent versus Bivvy

Bivvy and tarp compared with tentMany people say they choose their camping equipment based on weight, but is this the whole truth? Could a tent be lighter than a bivvy? Read on, the results could surprise you.


What’s in the bikepacking bags?

Whats in the bike packing bagWhat goes in the seat pack? Where do you keep your sleeping kit? Can you really get everything on your list into your bikepacking bags? Find out what piece of kit goes where when you use ultralight bags. Read on


How to stay warm when cycling

FPogiesrom Pogies to woolly knickers, tips for staying snug when cycling on a bleak winter’s day. Read more…



DIY Custom Dry Bag

Custom diy dry bag on Gorilla cage

How to make a dry bag to fit a Gorilla Cage. Full instructions here.

Dan’s Touring Bike

Genesis Longitude loaded for bikepackingThis is the latest bike that Dan is using, the Genesis Longitude. It’s built with a Rohloff hub gear, Jones Loop bars and a Brooks Saddle. Read more…

Guide to Wild Camping

Wildcamping in the High Atlas sub zero nightsI’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked if I’m ever afraid when I go wildcamping. The answer is yes. That may come as a surprise, as I still go and sleep outside. Read more

Unexpected Hazards for Cyclists

Bird photographerWhen you’re out and about on the bike away from the speeding traffic, there are still hazards. Here’s what I found. Read on…

10 Ways to get Consent from the Missus

Permission granted for bike tripYou’ve planned the route, you’ve figured out when you want to go and boy oh boy you’ve definitely got the kit. You’ve even found some friends to go with you. There’s one teensy obstacle in your way – You need to get consent from the missus. Read on…

Downloadable Bikepacking Checklist

Packing list download

A checklist for you to download edit and customise as often as you like. Click here to access the Download.

DIY Frame Bag

DIY Frame bag with curveMy bike (a Trek Mynx S) has a curved top tube. The space where most bikes have a triangle is small. My triangle is only 40 x 35 x 25 cm. The most I’ve been able to carry is a 750 ml water bottle and a battery pack for my C&B Seen headlight. Having such a small triangle that isn’t really a triangle makes it hard to find luggage such as a standard frame bag to fit. So I decided to make my own gear, this hobby is known as Make Your Own Gear (MYOG) among bikepackers.

Packing for a bikepacking trip

Bikepacking Kit clothing What’s in the bags? It’s amazing how much kit fits onto the bike without using panniers. Have a look and compare this with your packing style. Read on…

Flying with your bike 

Packed for flight in CTC bagWhen you want to go bikepacking abroad. Here’s a guide to help you prepare for a safe flight for your bikepacking bike and links to airline policies to help you decide if they are the airline for you. Read more…

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