Bikepacking in Wales

Bikepacking in Wales  brings many challenges. Wales has over 1,680 miles (2,700 km) of coastline and a lot of hills. The highest peaks are in the northern and central regions, with Snowdon being the highest mountain. There are bogs, tussocks, slate mines, midges, and stinging nettles. Sheep love the landscape and it rains often. Wales is beautiful; barren and bleak at times, but truly a fine place for cycling. And the people, well, they have the most lovely lyrical accents, and everyone can sing.

A weekend away in St Helens for a 1950’s themed wedding was exactly what I needed; a touch of glamour. Dan suggested a microadventure. A little bit of bikepacking in Wales would break up the long journey back to Southampton.

Berwyn, Wales 


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