Bikepacking Kit List Download

Once you’re out on the road or the trail, there’s nothing worse than realising you’ve forgotten something. Well there is, but who wants to unpack in the dark and discover that they’ve forgotten the cooking pot? So, I’ve put together this handy bikepacking kit list with details of what to pack for him and her.

I’ve included sections for clothing, sleeping arrangements, cooking gear, electronics, first aid and even underwear. I use luggage options from Wildcat and Alpkit.

The bikepacking kit list helps you remember everything you need as you pack for your next trip and save you from the dreaded head-scratching moments.

This bikepacking kit list is a popular download that can be saved to multiple devices.

Bikepacking kit list download

The Bikepacking Kit List is available right away.

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The bikepacking kit list comes with clickable links to make it easy for you to find gear that I use. It’s yours to download and edit and customise till your heart’s content. If you find my bikepacking kit list useful and have friends who might benefit, please forward the link to this page.

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