Review: Buff Merino Wool

A versatile cycling, camping, cooking and gardening accessory which can ramp up your sex life

It’s taken years to grow my hair down to my waist. I love that it’s long because it reminds me that I can be glamorous now and again. And I think it’s rather alluring.

So, a few weeks ago, after spending some time making myself look gorgeous, I walked into the kitchen and asked my partner a question.

‘Do you think my hair is sexy?’

Before he could answer, I was swinging my head around in what I considered to be sensual swirls.

‘More annoying than sexy,’ he said. ‘It gets everywhere when it’s loose.’

And you know what, I have to agree.

Wearing a Buff comes in useful. I’ve been testing this one for a few weeks. In that time, I’ve worn it cycling, camping, gardening, cooking and generally looking lovely.

Back in the 90’s, when Buff first launched, I remember being intrigued, in fact mesmerised by the videos that showed the multitude of ways the product could be worn. With a flick of your wrist, a twist of your hand, hey presto, you went from wearing a plain neck scarf to looking like a fearless French Foreign Legionnaire.

Here are a few ways that I’ve tamed my hair.


Review: Buff Merino WoolI’ve worn it as a neck scarf during the day, as a headband when I’ve taken the helmet off to hide the helmet hair and worn it as a beanie in the night.


Review: Buff Merino Wool worn campingWith my hair tucked into my Buff, Dan can sleep safely knowing that he won’t swallow a mouthful of hair. And it helps me avoid the dragged-through-a-hedge look come morning.


Review: Buff Merino Wool GardeningI’ve worn this as a hairband for extra warmth around my ears and I’m thinking of using it as a decorative band on one of my straw hats during the Summer.


Who wants to find hair in their pasta? Worn as a hairband, my woolly tube keeps my locks away from the lasagne.


Ideal for travelling in Muslim countries if you need to cover up your head hair and neck. I discovered this trick when I went to visit my local Mosque recently.

Sleep Mask

Bring a whole new thinking to the phrase, sleeping in the Buff.

A while back, I read an article in the Telegraph, which suggested that sleeping naked is good for you. And you get the best sleep when it’s dark.


I’ve heard that blindfolds are the number one bedroom prop! And Glamour magazine have hinted that a blindfold might be the sexiest accessory you can bring to the boudoir. I slipped the Buff over my eyes and before I knew it I was imagining myself as Kim Bassinger in the film, 9 ½ weeks.

Review: Buff Merino Wool

Some good things 

I like the fine knit of the Buff. It has a soft, silky luxurious feel and being made from merino wool has all of the properties one expects from this natural yarn. Such as:

Never looks wrinkled
Keeps you warm in the cold and cool in the heat
Drapes well

Aside from being versatile, stylish and light (47g), Buff makes its 100% Merino Wool headwear from mulesing-free merino wool, which means the sheep don’t have to go through the horror of having skin sliced off their bottoms. Phew!

Ecofriendly – The company has a history of contributing to nature’s preservation, including natural paths restoration in Wales, red squirrel preservation in England and reforesting in the Pyrenees.

And you can actually say you own a Buff as in a REAL Buff, not just any old seamless tubular accessory.

What could be improved?

Washing instructions suggest the Buff should be hand washed at 30C. That’s not going to happen with me. The only time I’ll hand wash anything is if I’ve no other option. These hands are meant for different things. So I threw it in the washing machine at 40C just like I do with all the other merino wool clothing I own. Guess what? It’s fine – no shrinkage and no colour bleeding. As for me, I’m fine too.

I’d prefer the Buff to be a little bit narrower to ensure a slightly snugger fit, however I am small at 158cm tall. There is a slim fit version available, although the slimmer style is made from a man-made fibre.

Buff is at the pricier end of the cylindrical headwear brands, but it is the original and the ends are tidily finished with a seam.

If you want one like mine, the colour is Pink Cerisse Dye and it’s available at Kitshack for £26.26.

Disclosure: This garment was supplied by Kitshack.

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  1. I have the Buff original merino wool, the black one. I am 168,5 cm tall and I also find the fit a bit loose. The pro is that All wrinkled up on my forehead it does not cause the bloodflow to my brains to decline, but it hardly sticks on my nose when being worn as a scarf and put up to cover my nose and mouth against cold. It just sags, where the non-merino buff does not sag, by the way!
    However the merino buff looks higher and is nowhere near comparing it to a regular one!

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