Day 213 – Pancake Tuesday

Day 213 – 15th February 2011
Essaouira, Morocco, Africa

Shrove Tuesday

The weather didn’t look promising for our departure, 7m waves were predicted for a few more days so we were stuck. The electricity and water station on the pontoon was of the decorative variety, so water was collected from a tap in the toilet block of the Gendarmerie Office and loaded on to the boat 20 litres at a time.
In town, I passed a public shower block (for Non-Hammamists). Dan bought a newspaper and was very quiet, but like it or not, he was going to eat what I cooked tonight. No more excuses about lateness or persuading me to eat out. I mean the lengths he’ll go to!
The promise of crepes seemed like a good idea until I walked passed a messmy stall, and I caved in. It’s a sort of pancake thing and so delicious with honey! As they say ‘When in Rome!’
Anyway, I made the pasta and he ate it.

Menu today
Breakfast – Yogurt and fresh fruit.
Lunch – Vegetable Pastille (Like a giant Pastie)
Dinner – Penne pasta with tomato and chilli sauce with some fresh peas, followed by little cakes
Snacks –Fresh orange juice, Hot Whisky, Thé à la Menthe and messmy, muesli bar

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