Day 101 – A Jewel aboard Faraway

Day 101 – 26th October 2010


Heard Widgeon’s skipper on the VHF requesting a repeat of the weather forecast.  F9 easing to F8, I knew we were here for the day.

I sent an SMS to my daughter Saphire.

Are you coming to see me, I’m still in Bangor?

I knew she was back at work after her wee trip to Alicante so was the response was no surprise.

I’m back at work now

Five minutes later,

I’m coming to see you!

I was over the moon!  There was still things to do on Faraway and the hours were flying by.

We’re 7 miles from Bangor!

Mum was travelling with her, we had to launch Nearby!

Mum and Saphire were standing in Ballyholme car park, waving over to us.  I couldn’t wait to get ashore to see them.  Another great day.

We arrived on the slip and within seconds, I was hugging them both.  I was so thankful to Saphire for driving all the way for a short visit and even more grateful to her bosses for giving her the chance to come and see me.

We piled into the car and John got dropped off at the Library as requested.  The three of us went to a café for a late lunch.  In the café, Saphire drew my attention to a song playing in the background, David Gray’s Sail Away!

Back at the slip in Ballyholme, John had not arrived, so as there was still some light I asked if they would like to come aboard.   Mum declined and Saphire was rearing to go.  I put my life jacket on her and of we went, her in the high heeled boots and handbag in tow.  I felt so privileged to have been able to row her out and back again.  She was delighted she got aboard, and said that she was better equipped to imagine how things were onboard.  She got into my bunk and said it was really cosy.  It was such a beautiful feeling to have her share in my world.  Very special indeed!

John arrived as I rowed the last few strokes ashore and help me tie up again. 

It was hugs all around and Saphire and mum were off to drive the two and a half hour journey home.  I had been totally blessed.

Menu today

Breakfast – Porridge, bacon eggs and potato bread

Lunch – Chicken, bacon and mushroom baguette (in café Brasilia)

Dinner – Pork Chop stuffed with cheese and scallions, served with potatoes, carrots and broccoli and Pinot Grigio

Snacks – Apple and blackberry tart and an orange

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