Day 111 – Gibraltar

Day 111  5th November 2010

La Linea, Spain

Dinner in Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar

I woke up with 3 massive mosquito bites.  Smothered them in sudocrem and took an anti histamine.  I’d forgotten I was in the med!

Chris and I walked into Gibraltar and went through passport control in disguise (Nepalese hat, the bright colourful one and sunglasses).  Of course nobody questioned me and away we went.  We walked up to the top of the rock and I had a tea there.  I broke the rules and fed one of the Barbary apes the butt of my apple.  She’s the one that posed beside the canon and it was only fair that I gave her something for her efforts. We had shall we say….an understanding.

Pose please

We went to Morrisons to do some shopping and on our way to the Casino, we met the neighbours – Chris and Sue, retired Architect and lawyer respectively.  They had the boat Salamander, another Ketch, tied up beside us.  We decided to go and share a beer then they joined us for dinner at the casino.  There was only 1 nice table left and the waitress was not showing us to it.  I asked if we could sit at it and was told the Mrs so and so had reserved it!  By then it was 8pm, so I asked the time of her reservation (“19.30”, they said).  “Well, she’s not here now!”  said as I moved towards the table and seated myself, with the rest of the party joining me immediately.  I mean it costs the same to sit at a horrible table as it does to sit at the best tables. The staff were lovely and attentive and we had a fabulous foursome dinner getting to know each other a little.

Later we all went back to the boat for a final drink and went to bed about 1am.

Happy Families!

Menu today

Breakfast –  Toast with tea

Lunch – Apple, toast, mars bar

Dinner – Sirloin seak and chips with roquefort sauce and red wine, followed by a double chocolate cake with pecans a hot fudge sauce and cream and ice cream ( I was stuffed to the gills)

Snacks – chocolate wafers, apple, about 5 beers

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