Day 130 Passage to Cape Finisterre continued

Day 130  24th November 2010

At Midnight – 50°12’N  06°41’ W

At midnight, my nightwatch began.  We were zooming along at 6 knots with a little assistance from the currents.  Hardly a ship came close.  We started to sail due east at 270° so I watched the course for another 20 minutes, there was no change so I asked John to advise.  He got up and made some adjustments so we were making some southerly progress again.  I napped through the watch setting the alarm every half hour. I slept poorly, though when I drifted off, I had some very nice dreams. 

The day was uneventful so I started to read Rosie, the Alan Titchmarsh novel.  Later, the seas became choppier but it was still ok, and I napped during the day for my next watch.

Menu today

Breakfast –Tea, Chelsea bun and porridge with strawberries and brazil nuts

Lunch – Avocado Salad

Dinner – Fried Chicken legs and wings with rice and sautéed vegetables, followed by toffee apple crumble

Snacks – An apple, pear, fig roll and fruit cake

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