Day 134 – Cabo Finisterre

Day 134  28th November 2010

Arrival at Finisterre

Arrival at Cape Finisterre

We got the sails up at 9am but totally in vain.  We were going around in circles.  I reminded John that he said it was foolhardy to wait for wind (his words, not mine) and to get the engine going.  We motor sailed to Finisterre, slowly and anchored in behind the breakwater.

We launched Nearby and went ashore.  In typical Spanish style, everything was closed until 1700!  Well we hung around, sussed the place out, had something to eat and rowed back to the boat for a decent sleep.

I had another glass of wine before turning in for the night at around midnight.

Menu today

Breakfast –Porridge with apple, raisins and brazil nuts and toast and honey

Lunch – tuna and cheese sandwiches and crackers and cheese

Dinner – Tapas and a large beer

Snacks –Banana, pear, fruit cake, half a Mars bar, oatmeal cookies

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