Day 140 – Snails Pace

Day 140  4th December 2010

08.30 – 19.30

Ria De Vigo

Piedras Negras –  Playa Something or other!

Arrival 42° 09’.448 N  08° 49’.838W

We motored and sailed all day to cover the 20 miles to Bayona, where we planned to wait for favourable winds and take the opportunity to carry out some sail repairs and other minor maintenance jobs.  We tacked, motor sailed, sails up, sails down, reef in, reef out, still we cold not make it around the last point. The engine was choking and spluttering and started firing on only 3 cylinders. I can’t begin to tell you how tough the day was, my body felt wrecked and helming was tough in the driving rain and constant wind. Exhaustion was taking over and John took the decision to anchor off a beach (about 2 miles as the crow flies from Bayona).

Approaching Bayona

The sail would only be about 4 miles in the morning and we could take the short cut after careful study of the charts! I have to be really honest and say I was disappointed we couldn’t make it. 

I was dreaming of a shower (in the well equipped yacht club as described in Reeds Almanac) and washing my clothes.  That red fleece I wear was starting to smell like Faraway John’s clothes and I was after all wearing a grey fleece belonging to him as well.  My black merino wool zip fronted, long sleeved top was long past it sell by date, with holes everywhere and raggedy cuffs. I was loathsome to dump it as the weather was still so cold and I had nothing as good to replace it.  It was see through and had lost its elasticity but I felt as attached to it as a child to a smelly and sticky comfort blanket.  The shower would have to wait one more day. John said I was a real trooper today and it was a tough day’s sailing.  

“The rain in Spain fall mainly on the Plain” exclaimed John, telling me that the only musical he ever went to was My Fair Lady starring Julie Andrews!  His eyes lit up when he talked of that.  He said “I loved that musical, and I was only a little wee boy.  Can you believe it, the only musical I ever went to and Julie Andrews was the star”.  He went to see it in Los Angelos.

On the i-pod, I played some tunes from La Traviata, the Opera my friend and I had travelled to Rome to see.  That was an amazing experience.  One day I hope to watch another, maybe outdoors, in the company of ……

I went to bed and prayed we would hold anchor till morning.

Menu today

Breakfast –Croissant and butter – real butter again! Porridge with brazil nuts and prunes

Lunch – Tuna, cheese, onion and peppadew sandwiches (toasted)

Dinner – Fried egg and fried potatoes with a stir fry of green and yellow peppers, onions, red cabbage, carrot, cauliflower and garlic (trying to use up the older veg and counteract the unhealthy fried potatoes). One glass of wine, the remainder of the €1 bottle and I made John an Irish coffee which he is totally sold on!

Snacks – Fruitcake, and orange, pear and a bun which looked like a muffin and tasted like Madeira cake.  I thought it would be heavenly with custard and jam!  Sometimes, I think I am five years old, and you know something………….that’s what so good about living the life I’m living!

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