Day 147 – Sail Repair Class

Stitching a sail on deck

Day 147  11th December 2010

Ria De Vigo

Monte Real Club de Yates, Bayona

I got a call from Chris, the Skipper of Inatiz, he wanted to wish me a Happy Christmas and see if all was ok with me.  Earlier, I had mentioned to John that I hadn’t heard from him!

We loaded the sail repair gear into Nearby and John rowed ashore.  We washed the working jib on the slip as best we could, but the soot was not easily removed.  Next the patches were found.  The sail was ripped from the leech to the luff and the leech adjusting cord had ripped out too. 

I found items to set up the machine so we could get the sail repaired at a comfortable working level.  The students from the dinghy sailing school were stopping to look and their teacher came by for a look also.  He was explaining to them the importance of the sewing machine on a boat such as Faraway that is travelling the world.  They were enthralled and even some parents came for a look to see how this was done too!  The sailing teacher, Ramón was very interested in finding out more and his English was very good. 

The sewing rig

 He wanted to know more about the passage and was fascinated by our adventures!  He offered John some tobacco, which he politely declined and I offered Ramón a beer, which he politely declined!  As the light was fading, we had to quit and consider our plan of attack for the next day, Ramón asked if we would be back and hoped to see us the following day.

We went back to the boat (in Nearby) without dinner items and ate lightly.  It had been a successful day.

I went ashore for a couple of hours to upload my blog, returning when my battery was flat and my eyes tired.

Oh, mentioning batteries, must get more, my ‘camera’ is very sore on them!

Menu today

Breakfast –Croissant and butter, Porridge with apple and raisins, a clementine

Lunch – A massive fruit salad (pineapple, kiwi, apple, banana, clementines) drizzled with cream

Dinner –Chicken soup with semolina and bread rolls with cheese and crisps

Snacks – Chocolate bun, magnum, crisps and a beer

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