Day 151 Day Sailing on She of Feock

Day 151  15th December 2010

Ria De Vigo

Monte Real Club de Yates, Bayona

THE MOTHER OF ALL HANGOVERS! I woke up with a man inside my head banging on my skull with a sledgehammer.  I felt rough and looked even worse.  I said “I have to go back to Faraway and get a Marinero to take me out, even though I never came in!”  Dan in his wisdom said “You have two choices.  The walk of shame or the stride of Pride. 

She of Feock had a heater in the main cabin (the advantage of shore power) and we huddled around waiting for the kettle to boil and tea to be served.  The tea was lovely and after I drank it, I made my way back.  I arrived in time for porridge and lay down for a while to warm up, and see if I could persuade the man in my skull with the sledgehammer to have a siesta.  I raced to the head calling for Huey, and said adios to my porridge.  I quickly returned to my bunk to nurse myself better.

I heard Alex outside tell John they were going sailing in the bay for a few hours if he would like to come.  John declined, I thought it would be nice but really had resigned myself to losing a day of my life to a hangover.  John fixed me some soup and I perked up, though the bunk was my refuge once more.  I saw a shadow fall across the fore hatch, She of Feock had sailed around to fetch us.  I thought, I need fresh air, rushed out and asked if they could wait for a few minutes.  I dressed at lightening speed, jumped onto Nearby and John rowed out to wait for the next pass.  I hopped aboard She of Feock and we were off. A Reggae CD was playing through the speakers on deck and I thought this is the life.  The sail was gentle, unhurried and fun.  The kite was up and I was helming.  She of Feock was so responsive, delicate, and light.  Tea and chocolate biscuits next.  I felt like I was a complete novice on board, but slowly began to gain confidence.  The hangover vanished!  The CD was changed, Pink Floyd, the new choice. 

We sailed into the berth silently, gently and in control, I of course got the slime line job!  Everything was tidied away, halyards frapped, and a snack of bread and anything was produced by Alex. 

I really enjoyed myself and headed back to Faraway.  The launch arrived at the pontoon with John on board, he had the cart and two rucksacks with him, some serious shopping was on the cards. We bought 6 kg of oranges! Oranges are not the only fruit! (That’s the title of an interesting book/film)  John bought Chocolate Ice Cream for our expected guests!  We stopped at the club house to check the weather.  Dan and Alex were there planning their trip to Cascais in the morning.  We all got chatting and weather studying and I flicked the Portugal Pilot book. There was a phenomenally intense high over the Greenland Ice Cap – 1070, that’s not a typo, a ten seventy high.  It was ridging as far south as at least the Canary Islands and bringing us our much needed east, north east winds. It was about 21.30GMT when we left the club and we said our goodbyes.  I hoped we might meet the guys again on our way south. 

Oh, the butter is getting soft! We’re on the right track!

Menu today

Breakfast – Tea, half a bowl of porridge

Lunch – Chicken noodle soup and a bit of bread

Dinner – Bacon and eggs with potatoes onions and peas

Snacks – Bread and cheese, bread and honey, 1.3 chocolate biscuits, café con leche

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