Day 160 – Dinner For Three

Day 160 24th December 2010

Marina de Portimão 37° 07.22 N  08° 31.59 W

The marina was as calm as a mill pond.

Spaghetti Junction

Conny had offered to help us tie up so I asked him to call at about 09.40.  Thankfully he arrived to help catch the stern line as we narrowly missed the massive motor cruiser on the outside pontoon and flirted with the bowsprit of the catamaran next to that.  Gosh, Faraway is hard to manoeuvre!

Conny joined us for tea and for the first time ever, I had to chase a guest, yes me, cutting a conversation short!  It was Christmas Eve and the shops would all be closing early.  Thankfully, Conny accepted the offer of dinner, and John and I marched off towards the shops.

I told John I fancied some girlie shopping so I would meet him in the Pingo Doce later.  I bought myself a pair of ear rings (I keep losing them) and bought John a gift socks made from merino wool with cashmere.  He seemed to be very childlike when it came to Christmas!  For me it was really just another day.

Well I did my shopping and looked at the lovely clothes and shoes and tried on some sparkly bracelets then got slightly lost on my way to Pingo Doce.  I turned up and found John in the supermarket aisles. I had a few things to get, roll-on deodorant, babywipes, and a couple of bottles of wine.  John said we should have coffee, but we ended up sharing a pizza and a beer.

When we got back to the boat, I went for a shower and did the stupidest thing you could imagine………knowing the marina staff were all away for the holidays, I decided to wash my top, some knickers and socks in the shower, breaking the rules again!  I turned the shower on very hot, reached into the wash bag, and threw the clothes into the shower tray.  My clean dry clothes!  I was still wearing the dirty clothes!  Doh!

Dinner was arranged for 18.30 and our guest arrived, looking very spick and span. He arrived with his hard drive and plugged into my system to share some films.  The evening passed too quickly and soon, Conny went back to his boat. I put a sack beside the stove as I was afraid my sock would blow away.  I played on Facebook for an hour then slipped John’s present into the sack before I went to bed as I was freezing.

Menu today

Breakfast – Porridge with apple, raisins, and a sprinkle of muesli, croissant and butter and a slice of the hard toasted fruit cake.

Lunch –Pizza and a beer, followed by coffee.

Dinner – Bruschetta, The left over of the best roast beef I have ever made with potatoes, broccoli and carrots, and gravy, a couple of glasses of red wine, followed by chocolate cake and cream, rounded off with an Irish Coffee.

Snacks – A Clementine and a snickers bar.

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