Day 183 – The Visitor

Hawaii Five O Style

Day   16th January 2011

Cabanas De Tavira – Tavira

“Where are we?” I whispered to Dan.  I was completely clueless as to our location.  Dan had a visitor coming at noon and it was already nearly 10 O’ clock. “You need to get up and get going.”  Dan was much worse than me and required a great deal of encouragement to go.  We were in Cabanas De Tavira and since there was nothing much to eat or drink in the apartment, we made our way towards a shop to buy water and juice.  We quickly seated ourselves at a café on the riverfront and tried to get our bearings while drinking some coffee and nibbling some breakfast. The sunlight stabbed into our unshaded eyes and my headache thumped relentlessly as we ate. As we wandered to Pedras (a small hotel about 10 minutes walk away) to order a taxi, Dan got a text….. ”Where are you?” It was his visitor, and she was an hour early as she was operating on Spanish time.  He told her to wait and said he would explain all when he got there.  Twenty minutes later the taxi arrived and as we travelled, we realised we were east of Tavira.  Another coffee at the dock café was ordered before all three of us went off in the dinghy to board She of Feock.

Dan left me ashore again, where I spent the day in town sitting in the sun and resting, unable to eat or enjoy much in the way of food.  I was joined later by Dan and his guest for a truly meagre lunch.

A lift to the dock was offered and gratefully accepted  before shakily paddling back to the boat.  An early night followed a light snack and some tea.

Menu today

Breakfast – Ovaltine, 4 mini tostas, Galao, ½ Croissant, ½ Pain au Chocolat

Lunch – ½ Cheese and tomato roll, ½ cheese toastie, ½ a chocolate cake

Dinner – Bread with egg and cheese

Snacks – Pear, apple juice, pineapple juice

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