Day 185 – Chocolate Hunt

Day   18th January 2011

Tavira – Olhão

I woke up and all I could think of was chocolate.  After lunch, I imagined chocolate cake, well more like a warm chocolate fondant and could almost taste it. We motored to Olhão, towing the dinghy and looked at several anchorages. They appeared very exposed so we decided to try for the marina.  Before we got there, we decided that we would leave if there were no showers.  Dan suggested we should go to a marina if only to get me some chocolate.  To be fair, he owed me a chocolate cake from the days the solar shower didn’t heat up. We followed the pilot book instructions for the marina and tied up inside the outside pontoon where some guys were measuring up sails and asked them where to check in.  “You cannot check in.  This is a private marina.  Maybe the guard will give you some alternative.  Possibly, you could go to the fishing harbour, in the morning, a man will come and knock on the boat and say,” “You can’t stay here!” Next he added “But don’t worry, you can stay for a day or two, no problem. The problem here is that you need a card to go out and to come in.”  After a cup of tea and some free wifi, we went to the marina gates for a look.  Well if anyone thought that a locked gate requiring a pass card to get in and out would stop me, a woman on a chocolate mission, they were wrong.  We climbed out along the inside edge of the gates, then along the outside edge, clinging to the mesh fencing finally hopping over the wall to freedom.  Meandering through the tidy cobbled streets, we found a Pasteleria that had a promising chocolate cake and chocolate bar I wanted, but the cake was not quite right, thankfully the Magnum fondant worked a treat and my cravings were satisfied. Of course there were no showers, water or electric on the outside pontoon, but nobody was there to collect any money either, so it was grand.

We went to an Italian Pizzeria for dinner, then back to the boat after a look around the riverfront and checked out a lateen rigged replica of  Bom Successo that sailed to Rio De Janeiro in the early 19th Century.  I was very tired and slept like a log.

Menu today

Breakfast – Porridge with banana, dates, pecans and honey

Lunch – Cheese, onion and tomato sandwich

Dinner – Grilled Goat’s cheese with dried fruits and tostas, a shrimp pizza, glass of Douro red wine

Snacks – Pear, apple, Alpen bar, rice crispie and chocolate bar, a chocolate cake, 2 squares of Magnum Fondente Negro

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