Day 189 – Brrrrr!

Day 189  22nd  January 2011



I thought I’d put my woolie hat away at last, alas, I brought it back out again.  It was…..Brrrrr………really cold. Everyone was snuggled away in their cabins only peeking out if it was absolutely necessary.  

Being Saturday, (usually I hardly know or care what day of the week it is) we had to get to shops before lunch as many close early.  A new kettle was needed, some foodstuffs and some stores in case we might actually be able to leave and go to Morocco.  The Pilot book for North Africa had arrived, but the AIS and the splitter were still stuck on a mule somewhere between here and New Zealand.  Portimão marina still contained the cruisers waiting for the right weather window to go south. Calamity Chris was still here, and had secured some self steering gear.  I told Dan I would go skiing if we were stuck here much longer!

My motto for the day was to go with the flow since I’d decided to accept Bakhshish (The bribe culture) whilst visiting Morocco.

My Meerkat impression (poking my head out of the hatch) was not making the temperature increase or the rain clouds disappear, so I avoided going to the shops in town. Feeling like an overinflated dinghy after my meal of lentils last night, was to say the least, rather uncomfortable.  Later we walked to Praia Da Rocha, after all, the decision to live healthier lives included some regular walking if we were ashore!  I was hoping to deflate the dinghy a little once outside the confines of the boat!

A packet of almond biscuits called out “Helloooooooo Meraid, I’m delicious, please take me with you and you can eat me one at a time!”  I was happy to give the biscuits a home, they had the appeal of a lost puppy.  I suggested we could have a veggie burger for dinner, goodness only knows why as I would have to say that the veggie burger was the least enjoyable meal I have eaten on the She of Feock! Maybe, it was because I couldn’t think of anything to eat.  They have tofu in them, something I don’t even like the look of! Yeuch!

I was introduced to Little Su, she’s a friend of my old friend Roger from the camera club, we planned on some fun times in the future!

It started to rain, so we took refuge in an empty pizzeria where we planned to have a coffee.  On New Year’s Day, we had walked past the same place and it was crammed with hungry customers.  The waiter put a menu in front of each of us and immediately the temptation was too much. 

A pizza said “Eat Me!”

A bottle of wine was labelled “Drink Me!”

If my name was Alice, I would follow the instructions.  Today I answered to the name….Alice!

The pizzeria quickly filled with customers, food and drink were gobbled up, the rain stopped, and back to the boat we trotted for the veggie burger.  The smell of frying onions tickled my taste buds and the veggie burger morphed into an enjoyable late supper dish.

Menu today

Breakfast – Porridge with apple and pears softened in butter, with raisins, cinnamon and honey

Lunch – Courgette salad, with tostadas with olive tapenade and sun dried pesto

Dinner – We split a Margherita pizza, had a bottle of wine and later in the very late evening had a veggie burger.

Snacks – A Pear, handful of dried banana chips, a square of chocolate, 3 almond biscuits

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