Day 2 – My Birthday

July 18th 2010  – Day 2 (My birthday)

Kerrera Island, Oban, Scotland

And there I was, looking out of my new home with the sea surrounding me, everything I ever wanted in a view! Sailboats in the marina, the delightful esplanade leading to the town of Oban. Oyster Catchers and Shags flying around and gulls sitting about waiting for the tourists to eat their fish and chips whilst seated on the benches outside and throw them tit bits. I had Breakfast of porridge and tea, followed by French toast. Faraway John is amazed by how much tea I drink.

There were still some supplies to get from the supermarket, the motor to collect, a belt for the alternator, the pilot books, diesel, gas and the list went on. Sunday’s task was just groceries, and we rowed to the esplanade, as our timings were off for the water taxi. We had to haul the boat right up on the shore and tie it to the steps.

 Later we went to the restaurant on the North Pier for dinner. It was busy and I asked for a nice table and we got taken upstairs to the best table overlooking the harbour. I ate pizza!  This was the first time I had ever been to a fish specialty place and not eaten fish.  I reckoned pizza was more of a novelty, the truth though was that the fish special was finished.

I rowed the skiff back as I was told that this as my lesson of the day.  It was a tough row with a strong current racing down the channel.  I needed a bit of help or we would have been there the next day.  FarawayJohn said “You should never feel that you are trapped on the boat”.  I could feel the muscles in my shoulders aching and I was glad to get to bed.  The previous 2 weeks had really taken their toll on me and I felt like I was an over tightened clock spring starting to unwind. Before I went to sleep, I read my birthday cards and letters from my family and friends, smiled as I realised how wonderful it is to love and be loved.

Meraid Griffin

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