Day 231 – The Anti Atlas

Day 231 – 5th March 2011

Agadir – Ait Baha, Morocco, Africa

The sound of horns interrupted my breakfast of fresh crêpes !

“I think someone is leaving, escaping the marina” I said.

“Oh yeah!”

“Maybe we could go, stock up and leave tomorrow weather permitting?” I asked hopefully.

“I’m not ready to go yet, I want to go inland for a bit.”

I pondered for a while and said “I want to go sailing”.  I felt real pangs of longing knowing that the Cork boat Abandon Office had already left for pastures new.

I decided I’d love to see more of marvellous Morocco too as long as we could get away from Agadir and the marina so I scurried to the marina office and arranged a hire car to be delivered that afternoon for 3 days.  By 4pm we were on the road to Tafroute! The road narrowed and snaked around the hills as we progressed towards Ait Baha.  Dan drove slowly while I reminded him to change gears!  Used to driving an automatic, he needed a little practice. I knew I should have driven, this was like Donegal driving, poor surfaces, narrow roads and sheep, donkeys or goats appearing unexpectedly.  The sun was setting quickly and it was unwise to continue.  We turned back towards Ait Baha, where we knew there was one hotel (Al Adarissa), but considered staying at the Kasbah if we could find it.  (Only 5km this side of Ait Baha according to the guidebook).  Dan ‘donated’ 2 cigarettes to a young boy whose flock of sheep blocked the road while we watched him squawk like a chicken and flap his arms to shoo the animals off the road!  Alas, the Kasbah remained elusive so we settled for the Al Adarissa, the overpriced food and settled into the big soft and comfortable bed for the night.  The room was a little nippy but there were extra blankets and there was hot water in the shower – eventually!

Menu today

Breakfast – Pain au chocolat, crêpes with stewed apple (Dan is good to me!!!!!  Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!!!)

Lunch – Salad sandwich, mango juice

Dinner – Steak brochette, chips, salad, bread, bottle of Moroccan red, bread cheese and chocolate

Snacks – Café au lait, chocolate

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