Day 247 – Bird of Paradise

Day 247 – 21st March 2011

Caleto del Sebo, La Graciosa, Islas Canarias

Solar panel on, some hand washing and a cold shower to start the day.   I saw an amazing bird with stripes and a crest on the breakwater, barely 2 metres from me but never figured out what it was.  We went to the beach to read and sunbathe.  We met Johnnie, an Irish man who’d arrived 3 weeks earlier.  On his arrival was asked “How long are you staying?”  He told us, “I looked up at him with a big silly grin on my face and said – Forever.” He immediately went and paid to stay for 6 months.  He walked a happy man’s walk.

Menu today

Breakfast – Rice pudding, cake and tea

Lunch – Cheese and bacon bocadillo

Dinner – Veal escalop, chips, salad and Rioja

Snacks – crisps, orange juice, apple, almond nougat, tea and toast

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