Day 249 & 250 – Anchored

Day 249 – 250 – 23rd and 24th March 2011

Caleto del Sebo, La Graciosa, Islas Canarias

We moved the boat around to the anchorage for a few restful and private days.  Naked man swam by several times.  We said “Hola!”  It was either that or pretend we didn’t see him.  As Dan’s swim shorts had blown away, he dived in for a swim without them.  The water was a magical clear blue with a sandy bottom. I waited a while to see how cold it was, but he came out and said it was pleasant.  I dived in naked too.  It seemed the right thing to do and I wasn’t getting any lunch unless I went for a swim.  Getting out was nowhere near as graceful as getting in.  So I stayed in the water freezing (the cohibas were back) while Dan fixed some lines for me to haul myself out.  Oh, I could have got out, but being starkers, the thought of the positions I’d have to get into to get out, frightened the life out of me.

For two days, we lazed about, enjoying the sun, reading, eating and drinking, talking and dreaming.  It was blissful.

There was no menu, just constant eating and drinking all the things we loved.  We talked about my love of Baked Alaska though Dan was unconvinced it was a real dish, keeling over with laughter at my description.  I told him it was de rigour in the 70’s and I spent a lot of my young life eating in fancy restaurants and hotels.  I knew he would love it too and I described how it tasted as I closed my eyes and imagined each delicious spoonful.

We returned to the marina to re-provision for our trip to Las Palmas.  We met Johnnie at the beach bar for a beer or 3, then invited him to join us for dinner out.  Back at his boat for another bear and some relaxation, I felt the effects of the last cognac.  Shall we say I felt a very strong urge to return the prawns I’d eaten earlier to the sea.  From the sea they came and to the sea they were returned.

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