Day 256 – Dinner aboard Manoa Toa

Day 256 – 30th March 2011

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Islas Canarias

On my way to the shower, I stopped at the Sailors Bar for a coffee. 

‘All by myself…..’ played in the background.  I pictured Bridget Jones sitting bawling her eyes out and started to feel the same way too.   More songs from the movie – they were playing the soundtrack. I was overcome with self pity and decided to hurry up and have my shower.  This was a day I wanted my friends, endless cups of tea, many hugs and words of kindness. The horrible queasy feeling in my stomach returned.

We arrived at Manoa Toa a little after 7pm for dinner with Bart (whom we met in Agadir, Morocco).  We were soon joined by Hampus and Lotte the Swedish couple.  We had the best of craic aboard talking of our boat tales and encounters with officials.  We discovered that many boats had been turned away from Graciosa as they did not have the permit. We left around 3am a little worse for wear.

Menu today

Breakfast – Tea cake and banana

Lunch – Egg, coleslaw and a cheese sandwich remainder of last night’s wine

Dinner – Courgette soup and a chicken thai curry with rice

Snacks – café au lait

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