Day 260 – Arguineguin

Day 260 – 3rd April 2011

Puerto Positos (near Maspalomas) – Arguineguin, Gran Canaria, Islas Canarias

11am to 1pm

Arrival 27°45’.5N  15° 41’.1W

sunset in arguinneguin

John yapped about the weather with the BBC world service screeching in the background then attempted to fix the hydraulics for the autopilot. An hour later after greasing and fiddling away, a final slap with a hammer and it began to work.  Some of the ‘Improvements’ to the boat were as follows:

A new water pump in the head – Hooray!

Another storm sail (so three storm sails now)

A lee cloth for my bunk which is about 10cms closer to the ceiling than it was before due to the amount of junk hidden under it

4 new cushions in the saloon (except the old smelly ones are still about)

New shock cords for the tiller – much tidier

The hull was repainted

A fish grill had been dismantled and set over the gas burner so the pots didn’t fall through – worked well

The AIS actually linked to the GPS.

After lunch, John rowed us ashore and I went off to use wifi if I could find it.  I found a pretty little spot at Los Antonios where I sat under an azure blue fringed parasol a drank coffee alone. Pleasant music played in the background and I relaxed and thought of wonderful times.  Andrew, my waiter kindly gave me the private internet code as I’d exhausted myself searching for wifi or even an internet café. I watched people stroll by and giggled to myself as a couple in matching swimwear wandered by.  I don’t know what they were saying but he playfully spanked her bottom and in response she squeezed his buttocks.  They walked together like there was nobody else in the world that mattered.

Menu today

Breakfast – Tea and muesli

Lunch – Cheese and ham roll and pineapple juice

Dinner – Chicken fried potatoes and broccoli and a full bottle of wine

Snacks – banana, 2 x café con leche

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