Day 269 – The Deep Blue Ocean

My First Noon Sighting

Day 269 – 12th April 2011

Arguineguin, Gran Canaria, Islas Canarias –

15.00 GMT – 19° 11’.56N  23° 02’.52W

The chart showed the depth of 4000metres below, 4Km.  The thought scared me.  I cracked the hatch open again for a while, taking my chances against the spray. Checked the decks for flying fish – nothing.  I scrambled below again popping my head up now and again to check if there was anything out there.

Menu today

Breakfast – Tea and muesli

Lunch – Cheese sandwich

Dinner – Beef strips with green pepper in a creamy pepper sauce on a bed of rice

Snacks – Chocolate biscuits x 2, banana and a pear

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