Day 275 – Tarrafal, Santiago

Day 275 – 18th April 2011

Porto de Palmeira, Ilha do Sal,– Tarrafal, Santiago, Cabo Verde

Arrival 13.30  – 15° 17’N 23° 45’W

A pre breakfast sail change at 6am did nothing to improve my mood.  Exhausted from lack of sleep due to a line straining on the rusty staysail boom traveller creaking all night long.  It drove me close to insanity.  I went for a lie down after breakfast. At 11.30am, slap, slap, slap.  The light air genoa had ripped out near the head.  Gathering the sailcloth as fast as I could before it picked up half the ocean, I bundled it up and chucked down my hatch.  “Another Project for John” I thought.  What I would have given for a full Irish breakfast today served with a great big pot of tea and a gossip.

Reaching Tarrafal, we made 3 attempts to drop anchor, hitting bare rock on the first two occasions. John rowed ashore to the beach and finally heeded my warning that the tide would engulf the tiny cove where we’d landed.  “There’s a full moon John and the sand is smooth.”  I wandered ahead where I passed three fishermen relaxing after their morning fishing and they invited me to sit down and join them for a Joint.

John directed me towards the internet shop and the market.

At the internet shop, an unfortunate Cape Verdean who’d been deported from the UK asked me to ensure his Letter of authority was worded correctly.  I wished Agunaldo well with his Judicial Review. We ate at Baia Verde, a restaurant with a yellow roof overlooking the beach.  Darkness fell so quickly as we waited for dinner to arrive, thankfully I had my trusty Maglite with me (John with all his head torches – was unprepared).

Nearby was at the far end of the beach and the moon had not yet risen to light the way.  Launching her through the surf in the dark, let’s just say, I got a bit wet, despite John frantically paddling to safer water.  Earlier John had boasted about his local knowledge.  I finished the open bottle of wine and slept soundly.

Menu today

Breakfast – Tea and muesli

Lunch – Cheese sandwich

Dinner – Grilled fish with the hottest sauce ever (thankfully served on the side) served with rice, plaintain, carrot, squash, potato and cabbage

Snacks – Pancake, banana, dates, brazil nuts, galau, 1/3 bottle of wine and a beer

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