One Way Jacques

Day 28 – 13th August 2010

Lya, Hitra, Norway – Kjoesvik

13:00 – 21:45

Arrival 63°24.8N 008°44.03’E

After breakfast, I helped John repair the remainder of the sail. We weighed anchor and left the pretty cove of the Walrus and the Mermaid. We motored into the wind and against the current much to the annoyance of John. In my opinion it would have been better to sit it out and wait for the turn of the tide, but I kept that thought to myself. (Honestly, I did)

We passed a sailboat, and it was very different looking than any I had seen. John looked and said that it was very high tech and looked like a design by ‘One way Jacques’, real name Jacques Peignon. One way Jacques  ‘borrowed’ Joshua from La Rochelle Maritime Museum in France, and raced her singlehanded in the 200o Europe 1/New Man STAR transatlantic race , without the Maritime Museum’s permission.

Joshua was Bernard Moitessier’s boat. What happened was the boat Joshua was supposed to be escorting the boats in the race as the set off, but ‘One way Jacques’ decided to keep going and was placed 3rd. He was charged with stealing the boat (just borrowed) and found guilty as charged and fined 1 franc which has never been paid. Faraway John, told me this story as told to him by  Lin and Larry Pardey.

The high tech boat was used for an Antarctica expedition. Part of the ‘moustache’ pole (the galvanised one) on ‘Faraway’ came from that boat. Maybe it was ‘One way Jacques’! I took a photo but this is when I realised that a massive zoom would be the order of the day.

We had a great day tacking – lots of practice but very few miles covered.

I received an SMS telling me the six yellow roses had been delivered to my old work place form a very grateful client. I felt very humbled when I remembered the client.

We arrived at our anchorage and watched a superb sunset! It was a long day and a late dinner, but we were in Norway and going North!


Breakfast – Purple Porridge and apples

Lunch – cheese and tomato toastie, apple bun

Dinner – Pasta and beef in chilli sauce, banana cake and blueberries, garlic bread

Snacks – Banana, figs, nuts, snickers flapjack

Designed by Tim Sainburg from Brambling Design

Designed by Tim Sainburg from Brambling Design

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