Day 314 – Onshore Tack

Day 314 – 27th May 2011

Jacaré, Paraiba, Brazil – Jacaré, Paraiba, Brazil

10pm Arrival

We tacked at 8am.  We were 40NM offshore and still there was nothing more favourable.  Our heading was 180°M but our track was 270°M.  I checked all four compasses, everyone said the same.  The current was setting us back from where we came.  I asked John to confirm what was happening and sure enough, we were going right back to Jacaré.

We made good time on the way back and made the first channel marker at about 19.30.  We were doing 5.5knots and hand steering.  This time with detailed harbour charts and a familiar river and anchorage, it did not seem too daunting in the pitch darkness.  We took the sails down as we passed the 3rd green channel bouy and motored past the breakwater at the mouth of the river.  By 10pm, we anchored in the middle of the river.  John promised to re-anchor closer to the marina in the morning.

So after 33 hours of hard sailing we were right back where we started.  I was tired, hungry and my mosquito bites were itching like mad.  Being Friday night, the music blared from the riverside restaurants well into the wee small hours.

Menu today

Breakfast – Tea and muesli

Lunch – tuna, onion and tomato sandwich and a slice of cake

Dinner – Mince and a cold beer

Snacks – another slice of cake and banana and yogurt

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