Day 321 – What will I do today?

Day 321 – 3rd June 2011

Jacaré, Paraiba, Brazil


What will I do today?  I thought as I stretched my limbs one by one and yawned.  I’d slept terribly being too hot and sticky in my bed.  I’d been up at 3am, sat outside naked for half an hour and drank half a litre of water trying to cool down.  I had a thumping headache and wanted a wash.  My face felt greasy and my nose still shone.

After breakfast, we covered the sails and I went below to write a while.  John wittered on about the weather and how Philippe charged too much for the facilities such as they were.  He said we would use the next jetty to land little Nearby as they didn’t charge to use it.  I went for a shower anyway as Philippe had already charged us for a week even though we only stayed four days.  His argument being that he’d given us two free days in the first week.  The man giveth and the man taketh away.

I said good bye to Frank and Marleen who were flying back to France, planning to return in September for the trip south.

John went to check the weather again.  He had been given a new weather site and wanted to check the archives to see if there was a trend for this wind behaviour.  Yesterday he told me that he would wait here for a couple of months for the wind to shift, but you never know what John is plotting.

“I suppose we will have to check back in again.” I commented.

“It’s too late today and tomorrow is Saturday.”

I stayed in the shade and chatted to Erica and Herbert for most of the afternoon.

Little Pitu, the marina dog, was looking terribly thin and weak.  She’d not recovered well from the caesarean and her puppy was not getting milk. The Italian marinero Atellio took the little puppy away to give to his mama who agreed to bottle feed it. Pitu was given some medication and perhaps there was hope.

Herbert had been to the clinic to check on his leg wound.  He fell through the dock and the wood went into his shin leaving him with a nasty gash which ripped after the stitches were removed. His wife removed some wood and a shell which was the reason it never healed.  He arrived back from the clinic with some branches and instructions to boil the leaves to make a potion.  Imagine coming back from a visit to the Doctor with a bunch of leaves in your arm!  I have a feeling it will work.

We went to the boat early as I promised John steak and chips for dinner and he suggested trying to get to Salvador in another weather window.  I told him, I’d lost confidence in trying to get south and as he rejected my suggestion to go north…

Dinner was delicious and I had the last glass of cognac before retiring to read my book.

Menu today

Breakfast – Tea and granola, banana and a sweet bread roll

Lunch – Chicken pastel

Dinner – Steak and chips with onions and tomato

Snacks – A Caipirinha and a cognac, 10 dates, nuts an orange, sweet bread roll

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