Day 324 – Story Telling

Day 324 – 6th June 2011

Jacaré, Paraiba, Brazil

The Spanish Boat

John went ashore at 9am.  He took the passports and ship’s papers to the officials as we’d checked out a while ago and still not checked in again.  I stayed onboard and watched the Spanish boat foul its propeller on a stray line and continued to watch the drama unfold.  I cadged a lift on Herbert’s dinghy around noon.

I strolled into the marina building and Phillipe was struggling to find where to enter the secret code into Ibraham’s computer.

“Can you help us Meraid.  We have no wifi access?”  Brahm asked.

Phillipe said that he could not find the place to enter the new code.  He’d been trying for half an hour without success.

Within a minute, I had the correct place open and ready to receive the code.  As soon as it was entered, I found the new code myself and entered it into my computer.  I had wifi again.  I sat at a table in the middle of the room, not daring to plug into the power and started work on the blog.  Phillipe came over to me and said, “Perhaps you need the new code.  I can give it to you.”  I couldn’t accept it there and then, I was already online and he would see I had the new code already.  So I waited a moment, entered in the old code and went to his office asking for the code.  He entered it into the computer and I thanked him.  As soon as there was a spare socket, I plugged in the computer and worked happily.  I no longer had to look over my shoulder, I had the code given to me and I felt good.  Phillipe obviously had a change of heart.

I went for lunch and a shower.

John arrived back from his trip after 2pm.  He had a story to tell.

On the bus, on the way back from Cabedelo, the driver pulled up at a stop.

Bang! Bang!

Everyone got down onto the floor of the bus including the driver.  John looked around and saw that he was the only one still sitting so he crouched down too.  Two or three minutes later, the scare was over and it seemed the gunfire was not intended for them on this occasion.

I met the infamous Brian Stevens, an Englishman who is mentioned in all the cruising guides for this area.  He came here from South Africa in 1975 with his wife, five children and the grand sum of £4stg and twelve bottles of whisky. He had a great story to tell and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing it.  “I should write my story.”  He told me and I agreed.

Back onboard, I began to read a new book after dinner.

Menu today

Breakfast – Tea and granola, banana

Lunch – 2 pork chops, rice, black eyed beans and salad with a sprite

Dinner – Fried chicken and potatoes and a slice of cake

Snacks – 2 x Caipirinhas yogurt with honey and brazil nuts

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