Day 328 – The Birthday Party

Day 328     – 10th June 2011


Jacaré, Paraiba, Brazil


It was Brahm’s birthday and he had a party.  Lunch at 12.30 brought from the restaurant at the other side of the big road to the marina, and a rum cocktail served from his birthday present (a 6 litre insulated drink dispenser).

The sun shone and the party began.  After lunch there were several games of French Boules and I had a few goes.  I need a lot more practice!

I was distracted by other things and had much to do.

I was the last person in the marina building, and it was in darkness by 7pm. I decided to go looking for John at eight thirty as I was very tired.

I found him at the internet café as he was busily writing an email.  My name jumped off the screen and I read the first line.  I read it aloud so that John knew I’d seen it. I wanted to go to bed and sleep.

“I have nice steak for your dinner this evening.” Chirped John, as if the earlier event had never happened.

“I have no appetite now, thank you very much.”

John decided to blame me for the inability to sail south as it was too late in the season and another barrage of accusations followed.

I went to my bed and the tears trickled down my face making a strange sound as they rolled into my ears.

The music from the shore bars and the cars with the massive boom boxes blared long into the night and I struggled to fall asleep.


Menu Today


Breakfast – Granola, banana and coffee

Lunch – Chicken, beef, rice, pasta, beans, carrot and potato stew, fresh pineapple

Dinner – None

Snacks –  A beer and the rum cocktail


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