Day 330 – Packing up

Day 330 – 12th June 2011

Jacaré, Paraiba, Brazil

I packed my bags.  My flight was booked and confirmed.

John sorted out the chart table and discovered four invertors (all broken of course).

“These are good invertors.  Not too much wrong with them at all.”

“Just that they don’t work!” I replied.

An old broken and rusty short wave radio was dumped overboard.  I wish he would take these things to the dump instead of further polluting the river.

John rowed me ashore and went back to his tidying up.  I booked my taxi to the airport, ignoring John’s suggestion of walking to the train station, taking a train to Joao Pessoa, walking to the bus terminal, taking a bus almost to Recife, then unloading my bags and then getting a taxi to the airport.  Carrying two heavy bags, I decided that the taxi from the marina to the airport in Recife was the best option for me.

At six O’clock, I went to a little bar on the street of Jacaré for my last Caipirinha with some of the group.  It was a little parting gift from Herman and Rian.

There were big fires on the street as part of the celebrations in the run up to the summer solstice and the smell of wood smoke was choking and stung our eyes.

I said my farewells as I would be leaving around lunch time.

John came to collect me at 19.30 and had dinner prepared.

Sleep came quickly, but I woke many times throughout the night with the sound of buzzing from the blasted mosquitoes.

Menu Today

Breakfast – Granola, banana and coffee

Lunch – Chicken Noodle Soup and a couple of rolls

Dinner – Spaghetti Bolognese

Snacks – A Caipirinha, frozen fresh mango juice, a beer and a giant packet of crisps

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