Day 331 – Leaving on a Jet Plane

Day 331 – 13th June 2011

Jacare, Brazil –  Ponta Delgado, Azores

I woke up full of excitement, found one last tea bag, sold my laptop to FarawayJohn (loaded with everything he would need) and packed the last of my things while John went to get the money.  The butterflies in my tummy were going crazy and I was glad to finally get ashore.  I had one last shower before the taxi arrived and decided I looked presentable enough for my flight.

The taxi arrived at noon and although he didn’t speak a word of English, he managed to tell me lots about the area we drove through. There were acres upon acres of sugar cane plantations and my new favourite drink was produced from sugar cane, as was toilet paper and fuel.   It seemed my Portuguese was improving, just as well or it could have been a terribly silent trip.  Two hours later and I was standing at Recife airport with my luggage in tow. 

“What to eat?” I thought.  I’d had enough burgers and meat to do me for a long time.  Sushi was my choice and a glass of ice cold sprite.

I checked in my luggage (I had a huge baggage allowance and wished I’d been able to bring some more little bits and pieces) and went for a coffee before boarding.  The flight was on time and it was dark as we boarded.  I had a window seat beside a man who never uttered one word to me and it was a bit cramped for sleeping but I managed a few hours (with some very pleasant dreams).  There was a great selection of films to choose from but sleep was calling and I listened carefully. 

Menu Today

Breakfast             Tea and toast and granola

Lunch                    Sushi and sprite

Dinner                  Pasta with spinach and crème caramel with a glass of red wine, cheese and biscuits

Snack                    Banana, orange juice

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