Day 364 – A Case of Post Prandial Somnolence

Day 364 – 16th July 2011

Horta, Faial (Ilha Azul, the blue island)

Dan, deep in concentration

First I made pancakes, then did the dishes and announced I would polish the stainless.  I don’t know where the energy came from but I had loads.  Not long after lunch, I felt differently and asked “Dan, will you rub my back please?” as I lay on my tummy in the cockpit.  Within minutes I was feeling tired and Dan announced “That would be the Post Prandial Somnolence!”  Well I’d never heard of it, but knew I felt like a wee sleep so I suggested “Shall we make like a little siesta then?” after he explained that it was tiredness felt after eating.  And so we did…

Two hours later and I was up and full of beans rearing to go and do the shopping. 

We went out for dinner and sat down to eat at about 11pm, I nearly choked when I looked at my watch. 

Menu Today

Breakfast         Tea and pancakes with apples, raisins and cinnamon

Lunch               Broccoli and stilton soup with croutons and salad

Dinner             Grilled Fresh cheese, honey and almonds, Steak, chips, rice and spinach and a bottle of Curral Atlantis (Pico Wine)

Snack               a galao, a sprite, orange juice and 2 meat samosas

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