Day 58 – Ulsteinvik

Day 58 – 12th September 2010

Alesund to Ulsteinvik

Arrival  62° 20.5’N 005° 50.5E

10am – 19.30

John called the Harbour master in Alesund on Channel 12 several times so I could use the showers, but no response.  I found it hard to believe this, but said nothing. John offered to make me bacon and eggs, I suggested we keep the bacon for dinner.  Thank goodness I like porridge.

I was down to my last pair of knickers, a fancy silk thong with a matching balconette bra (which I was keeping just in case).  Now seemed like a good time to put them on.  It would be commando tomorrow if there’s no washing machine at the town.

We motored to Ulsteinvik, the small town described in the pilot guide turned out to be a huge ship yard with Rolls Royce engine factories ad all sorts of industrial things. We tied up in the outside pontoon with only 2 feet of water beneath the keel.

The showers were locked, but the toilets had sinks with hot water, so I did the strip at the sink routine and again hand washed my clothes.

John went to have a wash too when I came back!

Menu today

Breakfast – Porridge, dates, apples and raisins and pancakes

Lunch – Chicken and red pepper sandwich

Dinner – Chicken, potatoes, broccoli

Snacks – Dates, chocolate cake and an apple, rum and coke and chocolate bar

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