Day 62 – Peekaboo

Day 62 – 16th September 2010

Statt Refuge Harbour – and a little peek out

The wind screamed through the rigging, the boat listed and I lay awake for hours waiting for the call to re anchor. It didn’t happen and the wind eased.  This was my first experience of a storm while living aboard. The surface analysis charts showed the low above us.  We had dragged anchor during the night over 100metres but at least we had the scope to do it safely.  The drag on the mud bottom was silent.  Little Nearby’s days for excursions in Norway were over and we hauled her on deck, lashing her securely amidships. It was noon before we were fully prepared for sea.  We upped anchor and went through the breakwater. I said to John “The sea looks likes an erupting volcano.”  Sure enough the water was breaking across the exit. Further out, the sea with a bubbling boiling mass of white froth. The pilot guide said that entry and exit to the harbour could be quite rough so we continued.  I hoisted the main, mizzen and the stay sail.. The main started back winding – I dropped it again.  We tacked, we were rolling with 10 feet waves and 20 feet swells  and only 50 feet of water.  We were turning back again.  The winds were not as promised but southerly.  We turned, I hoisted the main again and in gusts of 25 knots and squalls we headed back for the safety of the harbour. John was at the helm as it was physically too tough for me to steer.  I acted as his eyes to get the range marks lined up again.  By 1pm we were setting the anchor and furling the sails.  A quick scamper up the rigging and we could have seen the sea state without leaving.  This time we anchored in shallower water.  John found the instructions to calibrate the autopilot, so we tried to do the ’10 minute’ job.  Constant failure, and John got really frustrated.  He eventually gave up (after 2 hours). We ate dinner, drank wine (the last of it) and slept well.

Menu today

Breakfast – Porridge, apples, apricots and almonds, toast

Lunch – cheese and sundried tomato toastie

Dinner – Chicken with black bean sauce and rice, bottle of wine

Snacks – Chocolate goo delights, banana and tortas fritas

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