Day 63 – Out with the old

Day 63 – 17th September 2010

Statt Refuge Harbour

            We were in the same spot all day.  John made pancakes, I made coleslaw.  I painted my toenails dark blue and decorated them with a silver anchor design.  Some anchors were better than others.  I tidied up and we checked the fruit and vegetable storage bins.  Threw out the bad stuff. Note to self – don’t throw potatoes overboard – they float. Did you know that eggs can last 3 months if you store them properly?  Onions last really well!  Apples are really good too.  Long life milk is the best thing ever!

Enjoyed the heat of the stove, as the rain beat down relentlessly the entire day.  The wind picked up and the whitecaps were showing inside the breakwater.  We dragged anchor again and re anchored in the pouring rain and got a drenching before dinner.  We had a second anchor at the ready.  I prayed it would not be needed – it would mean John up on deck  – NAKED!

Menu today

Breakfast – Porridge, apples, apricots and almonds, pancakes and blueberry jam

Lunch – Chicken noodle soup and potatoes

Dinner – Gammon, glazed pineapple coleslaw and fried potatoes

Snacks – Pancakes, orange and figs

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