Day 66 – Lacking Experience

Day 66 – 20th September 2010

Florø – Nyhamar Neset

Arrival 61°00’N  005° 00’ E

9am – 8.30pm

I could hear John flapping about in the saloon.  There was no tea in bed for me this morning.  At 8am, I got up and there was tea and porridge (without salt) ready for me.  I felt alive again even though I knew it would be Bergen before I could have a shower and get any washing done.  Bergen was 88 nautical miles away. Anything from 2 – 10 days away based on historical data!  A good night’s sleep does wonders for the spirit.

We motor sailed again. Wind up and sails up. John was in his jealous mood again, after all, I’d stayed out half the night and he never asked me a single question.  I stayed out of his way most of the day, in so far as you can on a cramped boat…….

I washed off the sot from the underside of Nearby, and the pilot house.  Generally, I kept myself busy but available.  At 5.30pm, John mumbled something so I asked him to repeat it.  I still had no idea what he was talking about, basically something about some lines on the deck being tangled, though not being a mind reader, I wasn’t clear what he meant.  The decks are strewn with lines.  I’ve never seen so many lines on a boat this size.

Then he said “You just don’t have the experience!”

“You knew that before I joined.  I came on board to learn.  You agreed to teach me, but you won’t let me do things.  You take over everything I start, and then find something else for me to do.  So no surprise I’m lacking in experience.  If you wanted a girlfriend, you should have advertised for one, not for a crew.”

I knew that was below the belt, but I was cross, especially as I felt kind of useless.  I read a little and John made another comment  “There’s more to being crew than reading!”  I looked up at him in disbelief.  I’d read 1 chapter of Bernard Moitissier’s book, and this was after John had been telling me for days to relax a bit and read some more.  I thrust the book at John and said “Here, take it back”

Later that day we passed the mouth of the biggest fjord in Norway, I was too tired to care.

Our arrival at the anchorage was by moonlight.  I was delighted we got there safely and thought sweet thoughts of moonlit nights.  I sneaked off to bed and decided to finish ‘Pi’ myself.   Didn’t quite achieve it as tiredness won me over.  When I read the bit about ‘Pi’ giving Richard Parker sea water to drink,  I felt as if we were in the same boat – so to speak.

Menu today

Breakfast – Porridge with prunes

Lunch –  Bread with cheese and tomato

Dinner – I passed

Snacks – bread and cheese, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies and a pear

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