Day 70 – Legal at Last

Day 70 – 24th September 2010

Arrival in Bergen

Went to customs, laundry and police station for John’s visa.  Left John at the police station as he started grumbling about officialdom. We were finally in Norway legally and no one asked for the sailing permit that we’d read about! I bought some postcards and went to a café to write them.  Spent 2 hours sipping the coffee!  I noticed that there were lots of very beautiful ladies and handsome men in Bergen.  John spent 4 hours studying the weather – I think he has it sussed!  I really enjoyed peace and quiet today, my mind needed space to breathe!  I was feeling really happy today, I even smiled at a baby in a pram.  What was happening to me?  Smiling at babies? Well, there you go, I admit it, I did, I smiled at a baby.  Ach, they were all cosy in their wee sheepskin blankets and wrapped up in lovely hats.  I think the real me was taken away by a troll during the night.

Menu today

Breakfast – Porridge with prunes and pancakes

Lunch – Coffee and Danish cinnamon swirl

Dinner – Chilli beef and pasta

Snacks – Chocolate bar, banana, nuts.

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