Day 71 – Lunch overlooking Bergen

Day 71 – 25th September 2010

Bergen to anchorage

3pm Departure

The sun was shining and the sky was really blue.  A motor cruiser tried to tie up to us (rafting), but John said we would be leaving at noon.  That was a big fat enormous lie.  I told him I was unimpressed and said I was off to explore Bergen!  My ship was leaving at 2pm.

I went up to the Floyen view point and used the last of my Kroner to buy lunch.  I walked up instead of taking the vernacular train to the top.  It was tough going as I do so little walking on the boat.

I sat on the terrace in front of the 1920’s restaurant enjoying the panoramic view of Bergen. A couple were sitting near me and the lady started to cry.  Her lover gently and tenderly wiped the tears from her eyes then stroked her hair.  It reminded me how nice it was to have someone wonderful to share your life with.  Once again, a year on from Nice, I was in a beautiful European city – alone!

Bergen from Floyen

I glanced around and saw groups of friends having a beer, enjoying coffees and smoking cigarettes.  Then the only single person (a French man) sat down beside some Germans, who were on a cruise from Northern Norway.  (I have super hearing!)

The Germans left and the French man (who I wished had sat beside me) put on his i-pod, lit a cigarette and smoked it sexily as only the French can.

A lady and her dog indicated desire to join me and I was delighted, her name was Signe, and she was a retired geologist.  She worked in Svalbard for many years and loved the mountains.  I could have chatted to her for hours, she was fascinating and fun.

I didn’t want to leave this wonderful place, but time and tide wait for no man!

John and I counted out the last of our Kroner and went to McDonalds to spend them before the big sail.

We filled up the fuel and saw the strangest boat which looked like it could float anyway up.

Strange Boat

Menu today

Breakfast – Porridge with pears, hot chocolate and toast

Lunch – smoked salmon and sour cream and egg sandwich coffee and water.

Dinner – Chilli beef and rice chocolate brioche

Snacks – A Mc Donald’s Chocolate milkshake and cheese burger

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