Day 72 – Farewell Norway

Day 72 – 26th September 2010

The final Norwegian anchorage –

8am Departure

I procrastinated all morning as the impending night watch loomed. The thoughts of the oil wells rising from the vast sea was scaring the hell out of me.  The fear was worse in the loneliness of the night, and not all of them were marked on the chart.

There was a gentle following breeze and we motorsailed with the big genoa.  I went for a sleep at 4pm and did the watch from 2am to 0630.  It was a clear moonlit and starlit night.  I spotted a couple of oil rigs, but they were so well lit, all my fears were unnecessary.  I felt quite happy at my confidence levels sailing at night after living aboard for the last couple of months.

Menu today

Breakfast – Porridge with raisins, hot chocolate and toast

Lunch – Cheese and tomato toastie

Dinner – Chicken pasta alfredo, garlic bread, chocolate brioche

Snacks – Toast, apple, orange and figs.

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