Day 73 – North Sea Passage

Day 73 – 27th September 2010

The North Sea

At 10am, there was still 99miles to go, a 2nd night watch was on the cards.  There wasn’t a breath of wind.  We were rolling about a lot with north swell on our starboard beam.  I was feeling very tired and unsteady on my feet.  The mule sail was raised to try and stem the rolling. I had bashed both my shoulders on the grabrails and my shins on an anchor under the table.

The sun was shining and the sea was glassy.  It was time to read, write listen to music and dream.

The autopilot failed and we had to return to manual helming.  I changed my watch to BST, 73 miles to go, that meant another 20 hours at the rate we were going.

I watched the sunset and was rewarded with a sighting of the Green Flash.  I always thought this was a myth, but sure enough, I captured it with my own eyes.  The sea was the most amazing colour of mauves and pinks, with an almost petroleum finish.  It was truly beautiful, almost surreal, I took a photo, but it did not capture the uniqueness of it.  This was my favourite seascape so far.

The Surreal North Sea

Menu today

Breakfast – Porridge sprinkled with muesli, French toast and maple syrup

Lunch – tuna, Cheese and sun dried tomato toastie

Dinner – Chicken, rice, broccoli, red pepper, onions and oyster sauce (The salt is killing me!)

Snacks – Chocolate brioche, orange and figs.

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