Day 8 – True Virgins Make Dull Company

July 24th 2010 – Day 8

Sanna Bay Scotland      –           Doune Bay (Dun Bane Bay) – 30 Miles

N56°44.293  W 6°11.346-                  N57° 04 W5°47.3

11:00am to 20:45

Once rounding Ardnamurchan point, tradition says that you can tie a bunch of heather to the bowsprit to show you have come so far north.  Sadly, there was no heather to hand so we didn’t follow the tradition, though there were few yachts about.  The winds were S F5 or 6 to start then falling to F1 or 2. We were sailing wing on wing down wind.  There was a green bouy (Bo Faskadale) several miles out to sea which marked some dangerous rocks.  We had entered a weighpoint to ensure safe avoidance of this as visibility was poor and fog was rolling in.  The depth sounder alarmed and we were in 40 feet of water miles from shore!   John had altered the course without saying (Bad John) and we were heading back to the Bo-Faskadale.  I said the scenic route might be ok if we could see but stated I would prefer the planned route.  Visibility was down to less than a cable and we needed to get anchored for the night.  Dun Bay was a couple of miles North of the Loch Nevis entrance.  We used radar and tied to a mooring bouy.

Earlier in the day, I had to use the ‘head’.  I’m toilet shy at the best of times, but this boat has no soundproofing and John chats constantly.  Well I went……..and the more I pumped, the more nothing happened.  I started to think “I can’t operate like this”.  Next thing I know, John’s shouting detailed instructions at how to make the poo disappear.  Holy Moley I could have died.  I was still pumping, sweat building up as I was in the tiny space, I shouted “I’m just exercising” trying to mask my embarrassment.  He said he would come and do it for me.  At this stage I couldn’t care, I thought, I’m either going to have to stop eating forever or accept this and learn, so you know what I chose. 

My lesson today – Compass Adjustments (John calibrates compasses).  There is an acronym which is CDMVT relating to this skill and the more common text book way to remember it is Can Dead Men Vote Twice, however John’s preferred tool is True Virgins Make Dull Company. He said “The students seemed to remember that line easier!”

 John cooked and I went to bed thinking of my toilet success.

 Today’s Menu

Breakfast          Porridge, French toast, tea

Lunch               Cheese & Tomato toasted sandwich

Dinner              Mackerel, orange slices, yellow pepper, garlic and baby potatoes

Snacks             banana, several Aero balls, 2 Jaffa cakes


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