Day 90 – 92 Kerrera Marina

Day 90 – 92 – 15th to 17th October 2010

Kerrera Marina, Oban

We moved to a pontoon in the marina, took the ferry to Oban and restocked the supplies. John arranged for the hydraulic motor to be repaired, but he would have to take it into Glasgow personally and it would be delivered to us in Falmouth.

I met John, on his spray and we chatted for ages about his boat. He lost his wife in a tragic mountain accident but had met a wonderful lady who would be joining him later that evening. There was a distinct twinkle in his eye when he spoke of his lovely lady friend.

I was in a celebratory mood. We had a great dinner followed by so much wine I was dancing on the settee. Whoops a daisy!

John went to Glasgow and I relaxed and cleaned up the boat. I found a liquefied rotten potato, that’s where the flies were coming from! Yuck!

I had tea and cake ashore, chatted to my friends on the phone and enjoyed the day alone.

I made updates to my crew profile and made enquiries about various crewing opportunities. I made a written note of what was important on the next boat.

The train was due in too late for the ferry back to Oban, so John had gone across in the skiff earlier at 7am. By 9pm, I was getting really worried as he had still not returned, but I should have realised, my worry was unfounded and he returned safely at 21.30 with a present of a head torch for me. He was cold and tired and was grateful for the dinner of chilli beef and rice I’d kept warm on the stove for him.

We restocked at Tesco, rucksacks packed to overflowing, refuelled at the marina and left the money for the diesel under the door of the marina office.

Time for a sleep and a new start in the morning.


Menu today 15th

Breakfast – Porridge with dates, honey and banana and toast

Lunch – Chicken Rolls

Dinner – Steak, broccoli, potatoes, apple tart and cream, wine and cheese

Snacks – Banana

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