Day 94 – Jura to Islay

Day 94 – 19th October 2010

 Jura to Islay

Noon – 18.00

We held solid at the anchorage and I slept well. Usually, I dreamt of water and boats, but last night I dreamt I was in a luxury hotel suite and I was not alone…….

Once again, wrapped in multiple layers wearing factor 50 sun cream we started the journey. John was yelling orders at me and I was trying to check the passage plan. There was a huge mountain of wet rusty chain on my bunk and I needed to knock it down into the chain locker.

I was supposed to be getting the head sails unfurled ready to sail, when I was filled with a huge surge of self pity.

I threw myself over the bowsprit flopped over like a dead figurehead and sobbed my heart out. “This boat is a mess, there’s no room to move and there are lines everywhere.” I reminded myself, I had a choice and I wanted to sail and learn. Seconds later I was hoisting the head sails and had the reef shook out of the main.

I asked John if I could take a break for 30 minutes, I was beside myself with despair.

I lay in my bunk and asked myself some very difficult questions.

After we anchored, I lay in my bunk. I didn’t feel like eating, so John reheated the remainder of yesterday’s dinner and ate alone again. John came up to show me some

Options for the next day’s passage. I tried to show some interest, but my mind and thoughts were elsewhere.

Menu today

Breakfast – Porridge with dates

Lunch – Cheese and tomato sandwich

Dinner – (John ate alone)

Snacks – Banana, KitKat, crackers and cheese, pear, figs nuts and fruit cake

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